Deaf  Community  Resource  Center

 Deaf  Community  Resource  Center

Community Integration is designed
to meet the needs of Deaf or Hard of Hearing OOD consumers who
require assistance in increasing their personal, social, and vocational skills to live successfully in their community. Activities
include daily living (self-skills)
training, orientation and mobility training to gain transportation independence, and rehabilitation technology training to also provide
supports and independence for daily living needs.

Community Integration

Employment Skills

Using the Map-It curriculum
approved by and in conjunction
with OOD, DCRC staff work with
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
students age 14 and older to
introduce them to goal setting
and exposure to possible career
choices for their future. Career
interests are explored and
necessary skills for transitioning
from school to post-secondary
education or work are taught in
a group or one-on-one setting.
Students are provided with job
exploration counseling, work-
based learning, counseling for post-secondary education enrollment requirements, workplace readiness training, and instruction in self-advocacy.

Transition Services

Using the Skills to Pay the Bills
curriculum and other resources
DCRC staff provide formal
training to assist Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons seeking employment to acquire skills necessary for specific jobs or families of jobs. Consumers may
also be provided with on-the-job supports to either gain or retain employment or advance in their company and/or position.
Who is eligible?
Deaf and Hard of Hearing OOD consumers who have been referred for Employment Skills Training.