Deaf  Community  Resource  Center

 Deaf  Community  Resource  Center

Scheduled Events for Kids Club 2018

October 13 11:00 am to 4:30 pm, Family Day at Vandalia Rec Center. Will serve a light lunch, swimming, climbing wall, gym and more.To register or for more information call 937-222-2434 or email

         Signing with Santa- December 8 10am to 1pm (more info to come soon)

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DCRC is all about kids and families! Strong families make strong and successful kids who grow into strong and successful adults. What makes a strong family? COMMUNICATION! Around here we love ASL (American Sign Language). Not all
families know or use ASL and that is OK. But, if someone in your family is deaf, whether a child or an adult, two-way- fully-inclusive communication can be difficult without learning either sign or supportive oral techniques. The key is to reach out and try different communication methods to see what works for YOUR family. DCRC provides several activities throughout the year to give families an opportunity to interact with other families to first HAVE FUN, and then share
what works for them by getting to know each other and provide opportunities for their kids to build relationships.