Benefits of Deaf Mentors

  Parents develop more optimism about their child’s future leading to more   success for the   child in education, youth employment,  postsecondary choices,   and independence.

 Language  skills improve when deaf mentors work with parents to create more   accessible   language at home.

 Deaf youth  develop more confidence, self   worth,  and identity.

 Deaf youth build language skills from life long users of ASL, even if English is   the chosen language.

  Deaf role models can help build important connections to community   resources.


Deaf Mentoring

What is a Deaf Mentor?

​A Deaf Mentor provides family-centered, home-based, and curriculum-led education to families with deaf children. It focuses on Visual Communication and American Sign Language. The deaf mentor provides support for families navigating the culture and experiences of deafness.  It can also benefit the child in a mainstream setting learn about their own deafness in an all hearing environment.  Topics such as self advocacy, self awareness, and identity.

When to start? In addition to Early Intervention Services (birth to age three)

As soon as a family learns of the child’s hearing loss and has questions that only a deaf person can answer

Whenever families/schools want more for their deaf/ hard of hearing/ deafblind child/student.

​For information about receiving Deaf Mentor Services email or call 937-222-2434.

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