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COVID 19 Impacting Social Events

We are starting back with Friday morning preschool playgroup.  Watch the event calendar for details.The goal is to increase language and give parents an opportunity to meet. Siblings welcome.

Open to all families whose children need to build language skills- deaf, hard of hearing, non-verbal, etc. Need more info? contact us at info@dcrcohio.org

Signing Santa Clause is coming to town!

Signing Santa wants everyone to stay safe and well from COVID-19. We won't be serving breakfast this year, but Santa will have an opportunity to see everyone as they drive thru and receive a gift bag (free). More Christmas scenes will be set up in the parking lot for you to drive through. First Church of Christ in Xenia is letting Santa use their parking lot. (Same place as last year.) Fill out a registration by

November 20, 2020 and let Santa know you will be there to pick up your gift bag. (For online registration go to the "events" page)


If interested in virtual teen groups, contact us. Stay connected to your friends. Meet new friends. Stay safe!

Welcome to

DCRC is all about kids and families! Strong families make strong and successful kids who grow into strong and successful adults. What makes a strong family? COMMUNICATION!

Around here we love ASL (American Sign Language). 

Not all families know or use ASL and that is OK. But, if someone in your family is deaf, whether a child or an adult, two-way- fully-inclusive communication can be difficult without learning either sign or supportive oral techniques. The key is to reach out and try different communication methods to see what works for YOUR family. DCRC provides several activities throughout the year to give families an opportunity to interact with other families to first HAVE FUN, and then share what works for them by getting to know each other and provide opportunities for their kids to build relationships.