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In 2005, a group of individuals from the Dayton Deaf and hard of hearing community got together to discuss a “dream” to establish a Deaf Center in the Miami Valley to provide support services and socialization opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing and their families. The dream envisioned a place where services could be provided by and for Deaf and hard of hearing in the language mode most comfortable for them- a place where American Sign Language was respected, as were other modes of communication. They originally called themselves DHHC (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center)

Early meetings focused on developing a vision, fundraising to give wings to the vision, and applying for a 501(c)(3). The popularity of the spaghetti dinner fundraisers proved to the members how much a Deaf Center was wanted and needed.

The founding members and others from the community were invited to become the first official Board. A provisional Tax ID number was issued in 2006 to the Deaf Community Resource Center-the new official name, with official final approval in 2007.

Our Roots

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