Deaf adults, the developers of our organization looked back on their childhood and realized they never saw a Santa who spoke to them in their language. When we started asking Santa to come meet our kids and saw the excitement as he signed to them and they were able to sign back, we realized this was something that needed to happen every year. Those first years, they met Santa, got a candy bag and told Santa what they wanted for Christmas. They were thrilled. Others who saw what was happening wanted to donate gifts for the kids. Soon it evolved into Breakfast with Santa and an opportunity to sit on Santa’s knee to receive their own gift from Santa himself! It is now a yearly

Thank you to First Church of Christ, Xenia for allowing us to use your beautiful facility!

Signing Santa 2019

Many Deaf and Hard of Hearing Kids have
never had the opportunity to share their Christmas wish with a Santa who understands Sign Language. At DCRC we believe all children should have the opportunity to experience the same things their hearing peers and siblings experience using the mode of communication that best suits them their voice, Sign Language, or both.

As parents register their children for the event, we ask sponsors (Santa’s Helpers) to take an ornament that gives the age and gender of the child and the desired gift with a value of $20 or less. Sponsors then purchase the gift and bring it to DCRC to wait for Santa’s arrival. Or, sponsors can choose to give a monetary gift to purchase
gifts or support the breakfast.

Signing Santa is for
the whole family

Each year as families register for the breakfast
with Santa we ask them for the names of all their children, hearing, deaf, or hard-of-hearing. Every child receives a gift. WHY?
• We want to bring families together
• We want to promote communication within the family where more than one language is spoken
• We want to give the sibling (or parent or grandparent) of the deaf/hard-of-hearing child an opportunity to share in this special
experience with their sibling/child.

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