Deaf  Community  Resource  Center

 Deaf  Community  Resource  Center

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Michelle Anthony, AAS

Case Manager Dayton Area

(VP)  937-586-7523

Amanda Hix, AAS

Case Manager Springfield and Clark County Area

(VP)  937-688-1468

Deaf Community Resource Center provides both short- and long-term support services to maximize deaf and hard-of-hearing accessibility to the community resources.  Case Management activities are the crucial link joining deaf and hard-of-hearing members to their community. DCRC Case Management services focus on

  • School Aged Students
  • Adult deaf and hard of hearing
  • Deaf and hard of hearing senior citizens
  • Deaf families
  • Deaf and hard of hearing with more than one disability.

Since Deaf/Hard of Hearing persons are exposed to the same social stresses as a hearing person, the problem is always one of accessibility.  

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